Spotlight on Student Loans:

Turning over a New Leaf: Taking a New Approach to Your Student Loans

New Approach to Your Student Loans

Are you getting the most out of your student loan strategy?

After the smoke of fireworks dissipates, the funny glasses taken off, the confetti swept away, January begins in earnest—2022 has arrived, a new year with fresh opportunities. We commemorate the transition from “old” to “new” with parties, with songs, and with promises to ourselves that we’ll make this year better than the last, that we’ll make changes in our lives that we’ve always wanted to make.

When making New Year’s resolutions, we tend to look at our purely personal choices: how can I make my life better? Sometimes the answer is: we need to look outward, rather than inward. If you’re trying to exercise, it can be easier to stay motivated if you go with a partner, rather than going alone. Cutting carbs as a household is less of a chore than eating salads by yourself. If you’re having a hard time saving money by yourself, try talking to a financial advisor, rather than cutting costs alone.

From “do-it-yourself” to “ask-the-pros”

Our culture puts a lot of pressure and pride on going it alone—chutzpah, being “self-made,” or “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”—but the reality is that we’re stronger together, and there’s no shame in admitting that you’re not an expert in every single field. If you’ve gone it alone until now, good for you: successfully navigating the tricky world of student loans by yourself is no mean feat! But it can be exhausting to keep up with evolving circumstances, remembering deadlines, waiting on hold, and memorizing jargon and acronyms.

If you’re ready to pass the baton, there are experts waiting in the wings to take it from here. Besides reclaiming your free time—all the more important as you work on your “new year, new you”—you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve got real pros in your corner.

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