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With one phone call, you can save thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of dollars. You’ll get expert advice on which repayment approach is right for you. And you’ll gain a support team ready to step in whenever problems arise.


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“As a new attending physician, I was overwhelmed with the loan repayment options. Joy is so knowledgeable and patient, she has been able to guide me through the entire process. My monthly payments will go down by over two-thirds and in the end, over half of my loans will be forgiven. The amount of stress she has taken off my mind is priceless.”

Carrie Kohlhapp, DO

Virtua Health System

"Joy walked me through the process of understanding and applying for a federal loan consolidation and being a part of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. I felt that she was extremely nice, helpful and patient with me. I have referred many of my friends and co-workers to speak with her to also understand their options."

Shakil Hafiz, DO

Avera-McKennan Hospital and University Health Center

"Before I talked to Navigate, I felt frustrated by the confusing paperwork and lack of straightforward information related to repayment timelines for my student loans. After I talked to Joy, I felt as though I could begin to navigate through the student loan payback process in a confident direction, knowing that I was making the smartest financial decisions I could."

​Audrey Kopp, RN

Hennepin County Medical Center

"Thank you for the amazing phone conversation yesterday. I truly appreciate you spending the time to look at all avenues in order to have the best payment plan as possible. Thank you again for being part of my residency journey."

Michelle Green, MD

FMEC Member

Take Control Of Your Student Debt

We specialize in helping physicians and other healthcare practitioners like you take control of student debt. So you can go back to living life on your terms.


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