Spotlight on Student Loans:

Student Loans and Your Health

A pair of doctor's hands researching the effects of student loans on your health on a keyboard

Health, Stress, and Student Loans

You’re in the healing business, so you know just how many factors go into a person’s health: family history, diet, exercise, environmental factors…the list goes on. There are other influences that may not so readily come to mind, but researchers are continually finding links between different stressors in our lives and their impact on our health. One that you may not have thought about before, but is receiving more and more attention: student loans. 

New Research on Lasting Effects of Student Loans and Your Health

Ask just about anyone paying on their student loans if it’s impacted their mental health, they’ll tell you, “Absolutely.” All the time, we hear from people who’ve avoided addressing their loans because it just adds to their anxiety. The impact of debt on a person’s mental health has been well-documented, and we’re coming to understand the effect of student loan debt more and more. New research shows that your student loans may be impacting even more than your mental health, however, and could lead to more tangible effects such as greater risk for heart disease. 

Outsourcing for the Sake of Your Health and Happiness

If your student loan balance is keeping you up at night, makes your blood pressure rise, or worries you so much that you’d rather just not think about it, you have options! You don’t have to grow an ulcer managing your student debt to maximize your savings. Let the experts take over so you can have peace of mind knowing that your student loans are in the bag, and you can focus on the things that keep you sane, feed your soul, and make you happy!

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