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Student loans are a hot topic in the news these days. The U.S. has a collective trillion-and-a-half billion dollars in student loan debt, making it a big source of tension for borrowers, lenders, advocates, and politicians, which offers a major source of content for news outlets. Media companies, however, aren’t in the student loan business; they make their money by getting and holding our attention. That means we have to sometimes be careful where we look for information—the messenger usually has their own motive!

The recent payment moratorium extension through different lenses

If we look at headlines around Department of Education’s recent extension of the student loan payment freeze, we can see some of the different angles that news organizations have chosen to take:

The Associated Press: “White House to extend student loan pause through August”

Fox Business: “Student loan borrowers rip Biden’s extension: ‘It’s very unfair’”

USA Today: “Biden to delay student loan repayment, again extending pause, as Dems push for forgiveness”

The first seems pretty neutral, stating that the White House (i.e. the Executive Branch of the federal government) is extending the existing student loan payment moratorium further. The latter two, however, place responsibility squarely with President Biden himself and wade into the morality of the decision with terms like “unfair” and “forgiveness.”

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