A time for thanks?

Let us work toward true harmony, the blending of different tones and timbres into one beautiful chord. Let us build a future where we can be grateful for all peoples, all cultures, all gifts. For starters, we need to take off the rose-tinted glasses and remember that Thanksgiving was never so perfect as a Norman Rockwell painting. Change starts with truth-telling: we have work to do.

In the News: What in Tarnation is an FFEL Loan?!

Under the recently announced Limited Waiver Opportunity for PSLF, FFEL borrowers have an opportunity to pursue PSLF without restarting the clock. As long as the other conditions for PSLF were met—full-time employment at a public service organization like a 501(c)(3)—previous payments made on FFELs will count towards PSLF as long as they are consolidated before October 31, 2022 and submit the appropriate employment paperwork.. Finally, borrowers under this orphaned loan program will be able to enjoy PSLF without the added hurdle of 10 extra years of repayment.

A guy searchingi n the dark for the correct student loan solution to his qualifying payment problem.

Missing QPs: Real-life Solutions for Nightmare Problems

If your QPs go missing, don’t panic! It’s usually a simple mistake that can be corrected with a little patience. If this happens to you, give us a call—we’re here to guide you through thick and thin!

Skeleton screaming in horror at his missing qualifying payments for student loans to qualify for public service loan forgiveness

Spooky Student Loans: The Case of the Missing QPs

She pulled up last year’s form, which she had saved to the cloud. It looked identical to this year’s—just the date was changed—no new qualifying payments, 12 shy of the number she expected. Her heart sank: this was wrong. Was it her fault? Did she forget something? How could this have happened? Almost worse than the results was the fact that now she would have to call. She’d have to dial her servicer, sit on hold, and be told that she’d made a mistake.